The Worlds’ Biggest Drop

The picturesque town of Zermatt, in Switzerland, is located a mere ten kilometers from the border of Italy, at the base of the breathtaking Matterhorn. It is a town that is focused on eradicating pollution; conserving and protecting its spectacular natural surroundings and therefore offering visitors crisp, clean air and natural beauty. Zermatt is also known for its magnificent skiing and snowboarding opportunities and this year, Zermatt will host an unforgettable event, the Infinity Downhill Race, which is also referred to as The World’s Biggest Drop.

The Infinity Downhill Race is an event that the entire family can take part in, and much fun is to be had by friends, adults and children. Even though The World’s Biggest Drop is a race, no-one is obliged to travel at top speed. Snowboarding and snow skiing enthusiasts can either try and reach a goal time or just enjoy the trip down. If parents have any children under the age of twelve with them taking part in the Infinity Downhill Race, their time will be divided by three so as to give everyone a fair chance. Competitive skiers will start first, with personal time skiers following and those who are taking on the challenge just for fun will go last.

Participants can view the race course and register for the event on the internet the day before the race, and although there is no fee to enter, a valid ski pass is required. The course starts at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and ends in the town of Zermatt. The vertical drop is 2,200 meters, as Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is at 3,800 meters and the town at 1, 600 meters. The total distance of the race is ten kilometers, or 6.25 miles, and is an event that promises to bring families and friends together.

For action, fun and entertainment, skiers and snowboarders are urged to get to Zermatt on the 14th of December 2008 and experience the adrenalin rush of the Infinity Downhill Race. To compete in such a spectacular event, surrounded by breathtaking views and landscapes, while sharing a few giggles with loved ones, is a rare and memorable opportunity.