If you’re an avid skier, the idea of owning a property at the foot of one of the greatest slopes in your area might be just the sort of thing that you spend your daylight hours dreaming about. Well, we understand how being passionate about a sport can make you want to build your life around it..

That is why we’ve included a whole host of useful information about buying skiing properties on If you’re a little unsure as to what sort of lodgings would be the best buy for you, why not check out our buyers guide? Or you can take a look at the Accommodations page

For those with a deep pocket, luxury homes might be a better choice. Or if you’re looking to turn your passion into your business, have a look at our Hotels and Businesses page. There is advice for investors in the Investing in Resort Properties section and for those who don’t want to buy but who spend time at certain resorts quite resorts, the options of timeshare and vacation rental properties is usually a great option. Take a look now and see if there are any properties which catch our eye.