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If you want to get into the hospitality industry and have a passion for skiing, why not consider purchasing your own hotel or other ski-orientated business? Of course, not all of us have either the means or the knowledge needed to successfully run a hotel and keep customers coming back.

However the beauty of purchasing and already established hotel is that many of the systems required to run the business efficiently are already in place – you need only pick up where the previous owner left off. If the responsibility of running a large hotel doesn’t quite grab you, maybe you would prefer to run a small lodge operation or perhaps a backpackers facility?

ow-lovers come in all shapes and sizes and so do their pockets… there’s a need for all sorts of accommodation out there. If you’re not too sure that the hospitality industry is quite what you are looking for, then why not attempt purchasing another business venture – such as a ski-hire operation or an organized tours business. The opportunities are endless and what’s more, you’ll get to enjoy your passion while you work! Have a look at our hotel and business listings to see if there are any ventures you might like to own.