What is timeshare? Timeshare is a type of joint ownership of a holiday property where several individuals share title and can make use of the property according to a set schedule. You are buying the right to occupy a holiday home for a specific period annually for a set number of years. Before purchasing time share you need to consider if you want to take this holiday annually and if it is actually value for money (you have to pay for transport, food and so on).

Timeshare ownership variations can be more flexible and mean you can visit different locations at different times of year. As a timeshare owner you will be paying for a unit at a resort. Maintenance fees, upkeep of common areas and management fees are cared for by all the owners. Find out about these fees before purchasing the timeshare. Timeshare resales are usually on a cash basis whilst new sales by developers may provide financing.

Many types of Time-share options are available. Examples of these are the:
Vacation Clubs – you may choose from several destinations. Points are deducted for each stay depending on the unit and season.
Fixed Unit, Fixed Week, and Deeded – As a timeshare owner you receive a deed entitling you to make use of a property at a specific time period annually.
Floating Time – Your dates for use of the timeshare may vary. However, reservations must be made and it is first-come first-served.
Right-To-Use – A type of lease which once expired leaves you with no rights to the unit.

Beware of any timeshare scams and investigate all offers carefully. Finding a good timeshare deal is a great way to enjoy a holiday home without the massive expense.

If you are a company which sells timeshare or an individual who would like to make a timeshare resale, please contact us to be listed on this page.