When it comes to gearing-up for a sport that we are passionate about, it seems that there is always a never-ending list of things we want to buy. It can be a big challenge to try and keep up with the latest in technology and clothing. New trends and safety standards mean that things are constantly changing – usually for the better – so shops fill up on new gear that we want. However, not all of us enjoy browsing the malls for new equipment and find the freedom of the slopes so much more appealing.

To make shopping for new things that much easier we’ve included a shopping mall on our website. ‘In’ the mall you’ll find equipment vendors, lodging, ski-related services and transportation as well as a hospitality section to help you find your next stop. There is also a Where To Shop section which will help you find your nearest Internet store and an Add Your Business page which shows you how to quickly and easily add your business to our list of skiing-related businesses. Take a look – it may just be the answer to your shopping woes!

Contact us if you would like to list your goods or establishments here.