A vacation in a ski resort could lead to a career in hospitality! Your job could well be like a year round vacation when you choose to work at a ski resort. Different seasons at the various ski resorts of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States provide an opportunity to ski and earn all through the year. It may be a good idea to equip yourself with a degree or qualification which can get you started in a career in hospitality.

You could pick up casual work picked up in a vacation ski resort or could be selected by an agency to go there. There are a number of job recruitment agencies that specialize in finding jobs for young persons at ski resorts during their gap year or vacations. Most jobs at ski resorts offer accommodation, food and a ski lift pass to employees which makes it a vocation and a vacation!

You could enroll in a cookery school to get equipped for a hospitality job at ski resorts any where in the world. These courses are designed as vocational training for people who want to cook for a living at vacation resorts or a boat. You could learn how to cook delicious, top class food under pressure, often coping in cramped and under-equipped conditions; but a job as a chalet girl or chalet chef in the Alps comes with a lot of perks.

A vacation job may end up as a passion you wish to pursue as a career. The Colorado Mountain College Resort Management and Hospitality Management offers degree programs that get you a hospitality degree in an international ski resort setting. The world-class ski resort of Steamboat Springs takes on students as trainees and this allows you to work at the ski resort. This is the best way to learn hotel management and resort management hands on. A career in hospitality requires you to have high-energy and be social. It is an opportunity to meet interesting people and work in some of the most beautiful places on earth.