Downhill skiing, also referred to as Alpine skiing, is a fantastic way to keep fit and have fun. In a nutshell, downhill skiing is moving down a slope on a pair of skis – often at high speeds. The equipment required for downhill or Alpine skiing includes a set of skis, poles to maintain your balance, a comfortable set of ski boots and lots of warm ski clothes.

Are you interested in learning how to downhill ski for that Alpine skiing holiday? It is advisable to find an instructor to help you get started. You will need to learn to shift your weight back and forth whilst pushing the skis out side to side. It is important to balance on both feet and to be able to think and react quickly to deal with possible obstacles.

Alpine skiing competitions such as the Downhill Skiing World Cup and the Winter Olypics, skiers are primarily judged on speed – and to reach the level of expertise needed for high-speed skiing takes a lot of dedication and determination, along with loads of practice. The different categories of these competitions include the downhill, the Super-G, the Slalom, the Giant Slalom and combinations of these.

Whether you are merely interested in an Alpine skiing holiday or you are a dedicated skiing enthusiast, you will enjoy every moment of the thrill of downhill skiing.