Health Fitness

Get ready for your skiing winter vacation through the summer by keeping fit. Your skiing muscles need to be kept well toned with exercise if you are to enjoy your ski vacation to its fullest. Now is the time to enjoy the great summer sunshine and train for the skiing ahead. Most regular skiers opt for a different form of exercise during their non-skiing months to keep healthy and fit.

The best way no doubt is to ski through the summer months as well, but not every one can head for South America or New Zealand‘s vacation resorts. Everyone can however go hiking or biking to keep the calf muscles well toned. Make the most of the great outdoors during summer. People who live in large cities should try and go off for weekends to places where they can enjoy the pleasures of walking, hiking, biking or climbing.

Regular work-outs or running in the neighborhood park are other ways to keep fit. Join a gym or you can even get a personal trainer to get into shape and keep the muscles well toned. Aerobic exercise will help you to stay fit and healthy and prepare your body for the winter vacation to come. Try and get some serious exercise for at least forty-five minutes on four days a week.

Take your dog for a walk or run and both of you can get much needed exercise. A medium sized or big dog can be trained to take part in skijoring, a combination of dog sledding and cross country skiing. If you have a medium or large well-behaved dog, you can give it a try. It involves being pulled on cross country skis by one dog or more in harness. You can practice training your dog before your winter vacation. He has to get used to the harness and to obey basic commands.

A good diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is essential to stay healthy. Unless you wish to lose weight make sure you are consuming sufficient calories if you workout regularly. Drink plenty of unsweetened liquids to replace the fluid loss from the body.