Breathtaking Skiing in Lesotho

Many skiing enthusiasts are always looking for a new skiing and holiday destination, wanting to try their skills all over the world. And for an adventure that is unique and exciting, Lesotho is just the right destination to not only enjoy the slopes in Africa, but to appreciate the diverse landscapes and magnificence of this continent. When looking for the best in holiday accommodation and skiing opportunities, there are a few places in Lesotho which have become quite popular.

Lesotho is landlocked by South Africa, and the easiest route to Lesotho is a flight from Johannesburg to Maseru. Even though the capital has a peaceful atmosphere, visitors should still be vigilant, as crime does still occur. Up until a few years ago, the Oxbow and Maluti Mountains were the most common skiing and snowboarding destinations and Oxbow Lodge is the oldest resort in the country. Located at over eight thousand feet, Oxbow offers visitors a vertical of a thrilling two thousand feet. Even though the resort has only one lift and one slope, it is still very much worth the trip. Eagle Rock is another resort in the area, although much smaller than Oxbow, but offers visitors alternative skiing and snowboarding opportunities.

A few years ago, millions of South African Rands were invested in the Afri-Ski Leisure Kingdom Resort, which has its own substation, sewerage plant and dams. It is located a mere four hours from Johannesburg, by car, and lies nestled high in the Drakensberg Mountains of Lesotho. This resort has everything a skier might need, including a skiing school, ski shop, a Gary Player Golf Course, which is located at the highest altitude in the world, chalets, restaurants, horse riding, fishing, 4×4 trails, cycling, hiking, health spa and of course, skiing slopes. Situated at 3 322 meters above sea level, the resort has two ski lifts that service the three slopes. Snowboarders and skiers will be able to take on the ten thousand foot altitude adventures here, with more than a thousand acres of land to explore.

Skiing and snowboarding in Lesotho is a wonderful experience, with the beauty of Africa at your fingertips and clear skies overhead, it will be an unforgettable holiday. Discover the majestic mountains of Lesotho and enjoy the tranquility of nature in breathtaking surroundings.