Cross-Country Skiing in Australia

With snow skiing season drawing to a close in the northern hemisphere, skiers in the southern hemisphere are no doubt looking forward to indulging in their favorite sport. With a number of ski resorts catering exclusively for cross-country skiing, Australia offers adventurers a range of challenging terrain and spectacular scenery to choose from.

As part of the Yarra Ranges National Park, Mount Donna Buang is located around 80 kilometers from Melbourne and is the closest snowfield to this vibrant Australian city, making it a popular snow sport destination. The rough terrain is enjoyed by trekkers throughout the year, but in the winter time it becomes a playground for tobogganing and cross-country skiing.

Also located in the Yarra Ranges National Park in the Victoria State of Australia is the cross-country ski resort of Lake Mountain, so named after the surveyor-general of the area, George Lake. An exclusively cross-country skiing resort, Lake Mountain boasts up to 37 kilometers of ski and toboggan trails through the park, as well as a visitor center which was opened in 2004. During the other seasons of the year, Lake Mountain is popular with trekkers and mountain bikers. Unfortunately, the area suffered extensive damage as a result of rampant bush-fires in 2009, and although much has been done to restore the area visitors will still see evidence of fire damage.

Located around 230 kilometers from Melbourne, Mount Stirling is a back-country and cross-country resort within close proximity to the more commercial Mount Buller ski resort. Reaching the summit of the mountain takes some effort, but that is all part of the adventure of cross-country skiing. Skiers who choose to go this route will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Mount Buller and higher regions of the Great Dividing Range of Australia, including Mount Cobbler, Mount Howitt and Mount Speculation. Entrance to the patrolled ski area is monitored during the winter months and Mount Stirling has a number of huts to provide emergency shelter to skiers.

So, if you enjoy the excitement and challenge of cross-country skiing, Australia has more than enough options to keep you busy all season.