Paintball at Pines Peak Family Ski Area

The recreational family area of Pines Peak, called the Pines Family Recreational Area or Pines Peak Family Ski Area, has been attracting visitors and families since 1962. It became known for its hundred and fifty feet vertical drop, snowboarding and snow tubing. It is a park and ski resort that has evolved from a small single rope tow resort, to a lodge that covers 12 000 square feet and has no less than four lifts to accommodate the snow skiing enthusiasts. But lately, another activity has caught the attention of families, corporate groups and friends, namely Paintball at Pines Peak.

Playing paintball at Pines Peak is an adrenalin pumping adventure and is fun for everyone. So many wonder what it would be like to be a soldier. Running around the woods, hiding from the enemy and defending themselves. Others just jump at the opportunity to test their shooting capabilities or to simply see their friends or co-workers covered in paint. It is also a wonderful team building activity for corporate companies or families. Many children have a paintball birthday party, which gives the moms a chance to relax and enjoy the fun.

The Pines Peak Paintball facility has two playing fields, each with their own unique playing environment. Players are able to choose between the two, according to their preferred terrain. Field One is a wooded area that has a dry creek and a ravine. There are also natural bunkers scattered around the field, providing cover or vantage points for the players. Field Two consists of a steep and also has a dry creek, a ravine and a wooded area. A punch bowl and various bunkers are also located on the field. A Speed Ball field is available at the Pines Peak Paintball facility and is an ideal playing field for spectators to watch the players in action. The Speed Ball field has no less than nineteen bunkers, tombstones and cylinders for the players to use.

For the open field play, Fields One and Two, players are required to be older than ten, but special bookings and reservations can be made. Equipment is available on site, but players are allowed to bring their own. Technicians are available at the paintball facility to offer assistance and players will find the store to be a treasure chest of gloves, jerseys, shirts, masks and many other accessories.

Families and friends will all be able to join in the fun of paintball, either as a spectator or as a player. It is a skillful and strategic sport that guarantees hours of crawling, stalking and hiding. And a little fitness, to run around the fields, will also be an advantage. Join in on the adventure, and dare yourself to play Paintball at Pines Peak.