Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park

During the early 90’s the sport of snowboarding started gaining recognition as an exciting, energetic alternative to snow skiing. The owners of Raging Buffalo saw a need for facilities to cater for the growing numbers of snowboarders and the concept of the Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park was born. Located near Algonquin, Illinois, Raging Buffalo became the first park in the world to have a snowboarder’s only policy.

In January 1993, after concluding a lease arrangement with the Kane Country Forest Preserve, the ski area which had previously been known as Buffalo Park Ski Area was transformed into the Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park. The Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park has two rope tows, half pipes, table tops, kickers and staircase, as well as a magic carpet on the beginner’s hill. The terrain park is constantly changed in order to keep the hills fresh and provide new challenges for riders.

Helmets are mandatory at Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park, and riders who don’t bring their own helmets can hire one at the park. Raging Buffalo support the “Lids on Kids” initiative which promotes responsible enjoyment of snow sports. The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), together with the support of many in the ski industry, strives to educate parents and children about the benefits, as well as limitations, of wearing safety helmets.

Among the numerous special events that take place at the Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park are the Illinois State Championships, USASA Snowboard Competitions and the Snowboard-A-Thon for Charity.

The sport of snowboarding which is inspired by skateboarding and surfing, originated in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s where it soon started to gain a following. The development of the sport became evident when the first World Cup was held in 1985 in Zürs, Austria. In 1994 the International Snowboard Association (ISA) was founded to establish universal competition regulations. Snowboarding became a Winter Olympic Sport in 1998 and was given wide media coverage resulting in a dramatic increase in popularity. The popularity of snowboarding in continually increasing and with many thousands of snowboarders taking to the slopes each year, venues such as the Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park are invaluable.