Record Breaking Skiing of 1000 Consecutive Days is no Simple Vacation!

What most people do on a winter vacation, Rainer Hertrich has been doing every single day since November 1, 2003. Hertrich reached an incredible milestone of 1,000 consecutive days of skiing at Oregon’s Timberline Ski area on July 27 2006. He has surpassed the existing world record of skiing on 365 consecutive days long ago but his achievement will not be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records till he stops skiing every day. The way he is going it looks like that is a long way off.

Rainer Hertrich was born and raised in Colorado and has been skiing since he was a child. He works as a snow groomer, manicuring and maintaining the ski slopes on Colorado’s Copper Mountain during the winter months. In the summer during the race camp season he helps maintain Mt. Hood in Oregon. It is the perfect job for his passion.

Hertrich began his marathon skiing in 2003 when he heard of the elite club at Jackson Hole, Wyoming for those who had skied 6 million vertical feet in a year. He soon surpassed that mark, skiing more than 7million vertical miles in a year. The previous record for skiing every day was held by the British skier Arnie Wilson, who skied 365 consecutive days in 1994. Hertrich surpassed Wilson’s mark in 2004 but decided not to stop. More than creating an unsurpassable record Hertrich seems to be driven by the thrill of the next great downhill, a new ski terrain or meeting skiing friends.

He travels from Oregon and Colorado to Chile and Argentina following the winter across the Americas to ski every day of the year. He has already skied 34 million vertical feet, which translates into skiing 33,000 vertical feet on an average, every day, higher than Mt. Everest. Hertrich has weathered extreme conditions, bitter cold, frostbite, rain and illness but has kept on. It is often difficult to get out and ski when he is camping in the rain in a tent but he does it. Sometimes he skis before dawn at Mt Hood before flying to South America. He has even hiked up an active volcano in Chile which had more snow than neighboring mountains.