Skiing in Tyrol


Skiing in Tyrol

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Located primarily in Austria, the ski region of Tyrol features no less than 500 peaks rising more than 3,000 meters above sea level. More than one hundred alpine ski resorts with more than 5,200 kilometers of skiable terrain, catering for a wide range of snow sport activities, can be found in Tyrol…

Lindsey Vonn Returns to Slopes in Great Shape

September 4, 2013 by  
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Fans are no doubt delighted at the news that Lindsey Vonn is back on the slopes again, more than six months after her knee surgery. The four-time World Cup Overall Champion recently tested out her skills on the slopes in Portillo, Chile, and proved that her recovery is way ahead of schedule…

Bumper 2012/2013 Ski Season for Europe

April 3, 2013 by  
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>While in the United States snow skiing resorts are dealing with the economic impact of reduced snowfall, in Europe resorts have experienced a bumper 2012/2013 snow sport season…

Hannes Schneider – Pioneer of the Arlberg Style

June 27, 2012 by  
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Thanks to the popularity of skiing and other snow sports, the Alpine areas of Austria are among the wealthiest in the country, with excellent infrastructure, a high standard of living and a thriving economy. Prior to the invention of skiing these areas were poor and underdeveloped, and while the local population made use of boards […]

Ski & Golf World Championships 2012

March 23, 2012 by  
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The exciting Ski and Golf World Championship 2012 will involve a giant slalom ski race followed by two days of golfing on two courses. Individuals, teams and mixed pairs are welcome. Those taking part must have a handicap of -18 or better and must be members of a golf club or association.

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