Visit the New England Ski Museum


Visit the New England Ski Museum

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Situated at Franconia Notch State Park, the New England Ski Museum has an interesting collection of items relating to the history and development of snow skiing, which are on display for the education and enjoyment of the thousands of visitors who pass through its doors each year. The museum has been operating as a non-profit organization since December 1982…

Snow Tubing – Loads of Family Fun

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An activity that is similar to sledding, snow tubing is a whole lot of relatively safe fun that can be enjoyed by the entire family as a winter sport…

New England Ski Museum

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When visiting the Northeastern parts of the United States, and more specifically, Franconia in New Hampshire, be sure to visit the New England Ski Museum, where the history and the fascinating facts of cross-country skiing, alpine, commercial and various other skiing activities of the area are documented. There are only four ski museums in the United States. Even though the New England Ski Museum was established in 1977, it only moved to its present, and permanent, location in 1982. Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts will find the museum to be interesting and educational.

Skiing Museums

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Skiing was not a vacation sport till a hundred years ago. Till the mid nineteenth century it was an age old method of transportation in winter in the snow covered regions of north Europe and Asia. Today many vacation resorts have a museum as a shrine to skiing heritage. Next time you are on skiing […]

Doug Coombs, the Skier’s Skier

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Doug Coombs was one of Extreme Skiing’s most enthusiastic promoters as well as being a highly skilled practitioner of this spectacular sport. Born in Boston, Coombs cut his teeth skiing the steep slopes of the Adirondack and Green Mountains in northern New England. Always pushing the envelope and expanding his limits, Coombs helped bring the sport to new levels of popularity. Doug Coombs spent a good portion of his college years at Montana State honing his extreme skiing skills. His favorite place to ski was Jackson Hole, Wyoming, renowned today as a mecca for extreme skiers from around the globe.

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