Keeping Fit for Snow Skiing with Nordic Walking


Nordic Walking – Keep Fit the Fun Way

Initially developed as an off-season ski training activity and used as a dry land training technique for competitive Nordic skiers, Nordic walking has evolved into an all year round activity enjoyed by keep-fit enthusiasts around the world. Simply put, Nordic walking is a form of fitness walking using specially designed poles. Proponents of Nordic walking readily extol the health benefits of this energetic activity, which is an affordable and effective way to get an all-over workout at any time of the year, and is suitable for any age group.

Helmet Safety on the Slopes

The news of Natasha Richardson’s death, daughter to famous Vanessa Redgrave and wife to Liam Neeson, shocked the world. What was to be an exciting and relaxing skiing adventure, turned to tragedy after a fall in which she suffered fatal head injuries. Another high profile incident occurred when a mother collided with a German politician on the slopes in Austria. She suffered a fatal brain injury while the politician, who was wearing a helmet, survived the incident. Enough proof to show that helmets are a necessity.

Ski for Health

Snow skiing is not only a sport that the entire family can enjoy while on holiday but it is a sport that promotes health and fitness. While having tons of fun on the white slopes of various ski resorts, skiers increase their fitness levels with regular skiing outings. Studies have proven that there are long term benefits to being an avid winter sport enthusiast. And when it comes to the more senior skiers, taking up skiing as a sport can only be beneficial to their health.

International Snow Science Workshop 2010

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It is common knowledge that without snow, there would be no skiing resorts or breathtaking snowboarding opportunities for winter sport enthusiasts to enjoy. One other looming factor is the threat of avalanches, and the International Symposium of Snow Science and Avalanche Practice is held to explore the dangers and the theories in regard to these […]

New South Wales Snow Study

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Skiing and snowboarding vacations are extremely popular for families who enjoy the outdoors and a little adventure. With so many breathtaking resorts around the world to choose from, vacations can be planned with the greatest of ease and the guarantee that both the adults and children will be entertained. Even though professional instructors are located at every resort to teach guests how to navigate the slopes, accidents are unavoidable. A new study, which will include the participation of students at the New South Wales High Country School in Australia, hopes to improve the safety of children on the snow.