Ice-Karting in Finland


Ice-Karting in Finland

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>Outdoor adventurers living in cold countries keep finding novel ways to enjoy the snow and ice, with skijoring, wok-racing and snow-tubing …

Snow Sport Fun with Man’s Best Friend

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With its name derived from the Norwegian term skikjøring, translated ‘ski-driving’, skijoring offers loads of snow sport fun for both human and canine (or equine) participants. Skijoring relies on a close partnership between skier and dog…

2013 Noquemanon Ski Marathon

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Cross country skiers from around the nation and further afield have been supporting this popular event for the past 13 years…

Health Fitness

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Get ready for your skiing winter vacation through the summer by keeping fit. Your skiing muscles need to be kept well toned with exercise if you are to enjoy your ski vacation to its fullest. Now is the time to enjoy the great summer sunshine and train for the skiing ahead. Most regular skiers opt […]

Skijoring: Skiing Sports for Dog Lovers – Snow Skiing

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Skijoring: a sport in which a harnessed dog pulls a cross-country skier down trails. This unusual off-shoot of snow skiing combines the fun of skiing with the enthusiastic energy of dogs. It is, in essence, dog-sledding without the sled.