US Ski Resorts Reopen

Snowbasin is making history. For the first time it will be opening its slopes on weekends late in June, as the snowfall and cold weather has been favorable and the mountain still has enough snow to allow skiers and snowboarders an additional period of fun and excitement. It has been confirmed that as long as there remains enough snow to allow for safe winter sport activity, the resort will be open on weekends and skiers and snowboarders will be able to purchase day passes to enjoy the white slopes.

A number of other resorts, such as Aspen, have reopened their slopes for weekends, and Snowbasin is following suit, giving winter sport enthusiasts in Utah the opportunity to take advantage of this additional time. At present the snow depth at Snowbasin is at 2.5 meters and the gondola to transport skiers to the Middle bowl chairlift is open, although most the runs from this area are chiefly for intermediate skiers. Snowbasin has also managed to complete its maintenance on the Needles Gondola, which can transport skiers to the Middle Bowl Triple. The Snowbasin website has stated that the low temperatures and snowfall received late into the season has played a significant role in keeping the base of the mid mountain at a hundred inches and that it only made sense to reopen the resort over weekends while the snow is good and the demand is growing. Both snowboarders and skiers have expressed their excitement and joy over the reopening of Snowbasin, looking forward to enjoying a lengthened skiing season.

Even though some officials are worried about the risks, as it is now summer and the melting snow is a threat, Snowbasin will only be opening the slopes from 8 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon, and will keep a close eye on the condition of the snow, ensuring the safety of skiers and snowboarders. They will close as soon as they notice that conditions have deteriorated to the extent that it could pose a threat to those enjoying the slopes. But for now, snowboarders and skiers can get their gear out and head towards Snowbasin for weekend skiing and thrilling downhill slope routes.