Village Cabriolet at Winter Park Resort

In the Rocky Mountains, just outside of Denver in Colorado, is one of the most popular skiing destinations in the United States. With magnificent wildlife, near perfect skiing conditions in the winter months and a variety of activities, such as hiking and mountain biking, during the summer, the Winter Park Resort welcomes local and international visitors all year round. The Winter Park Resort is also dedicated to improving the resort and making more convenient facilities and activities available to visitors, such as the village cabriolet.

In the past, the Winter Park Resort had made use of shuttle services to transport visitors and guests from the parking lots to the village and to the hotel, but with the creation of new parking lots to accommodate day visitors, a village cabriolet is being constructed to work more efficiently, and should be completed by late October. Shuttle services will still be available, however, the new village cabriolet will offer visitors free transportation into the village base.

The village cabriolet is also referred to as an ‘open air gondola’ and has an estimated one thousand four hundred feet slope length. There will be thirty nine cabins, which will each transport eight passengers at a time and will also be able to accommodate the transportation of mountain bicycles, skis, snowboarding equipment, wheelchairs and any other gear or luggage. It is predicted that the new village cabriolet will be able to transport almost two thousand eight hundred visitors per hour and will make access to the village more convenient for guests.

With so much effort having been put into upgrading and creating new terrains, skiing parks, mountain biking facilities and new chair lifts installations, the village cabriolet is a welcome addition to the Winter Park Resort. The resort has also purchased more wind energy credits to run the new lifts and village cabriolet. Visitors will also be able to be educated on wind energy and the steps taken by the resort to operate in harmony with their environment at the Connexion Platform. The new village and its magnificent attractions, skiing routes and breathtaking facilities is set to only increase the popularity of this resort and lure more visitors to its scenic and picturesque slopes each year.