The Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympic Games, Winter Olympics for short but more correctly The Olympic Winter Games, are the cold-weather equivalent to the Summer Olympic Games. They include winter sports held on ice or snow, such as ice skating and skiing. The Olympic Winter Games are held every four years. A while back, the 2002 Games were held in Salt Lake City, United States. The Italian city of Turin (Torino) will host the next Winter Olympics in 2006, and after that the games will be held in Vancouver, Canada in 2010.

The Four Hills Tournament

The Four Hills Tournament (Vierschanzentournee) comprises of four Ski Jumping World Cup events and has taken place in Germany and Austria each year since 1952. The tournament is second only to the World Cup and the Winter Olympics as the most sought after title on the ski jumping world circuit. The Four Hills Tournament is comprised of four individual World Cup events and points gained in the Four Hills Tournament are added to points gained in other World Cup events during the season.

The X Games

The X Games is an once a year multi-sport event with a focus on extreme sports. The X Games are aired on ESPN (with occasional supplemental coverage on ABC), and are broken into seasons: the Winter X Games, usually held in January or February, and the Summer X Games, usually held in August. The Games are held in different cities every few years, and the events are subject to change from year to year. The X Games also showcase live bands, which creates a festival-like atmosphere.