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Enjoy many privileges on your skiing vacation by joining a ski club. There are numerous ski clubs all over the world and it is an opportunity to get together with like minded people and even vacation together. Anyone who enjoys skiing and a winter vacation on the slopes will find great advantages by joining ski clubs. There are basically two kinds of clubs and though both are for skiers, each has its special features.

There are clubs like the Ski Club of Great Britain which help their members enjoy skiing and boarding at low costs. Open to skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities, the club has its own search engine and travel service for booking the perfect vacation at a discounted price. Their website provides the latest snow reports, resort guides and job opportunities at resorts. The Ski Club organizes two annual Balls, fun racing events in Verbier and Zermatt during the winter season.

Another kind of club is the Southern Alberta Freestyle Ski Club where members can attend classes to improve skiing techniques. This club offers three programs each year; The “Team Program”, “Punch Card Program” and “Jumps, Bumps and Turns Program” for their members who are usually between the ages of six and seventeen. The club caters to people living nearby but there are literally hundreds of clubs like this all over the skiing world.

The Jim Dandy Ski Club it is the oldest ski club for African Americans and has helped thousands of members of all ages enjoy skiing and help the community. Originally based in Detroit, they organize trips for members to various ski resorts all over the country.

The Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre near Vernon BC is operated by the Sovereign Lake Nordic Club and provides its members world class skiing very low rates. They have 50km of manicured trails, full service day lodge, ski school, rentals, night skiing and a biathlon range. The Atlanta Ski Club is one of the largest in the world. Members are entitled to many benefits at leading ski resorts and can enjoy numerous events organized by it. Chisholm Ski Club located at Black Mountain, Maine has a rich tradition which dates back to early 20th century and has hosted several world class Nordic skiing events.

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