There are many professional skiing events and competitions throughout the world. These skiing competitions are either held on a national or international basis. Attracting fans from all age groups these exciting skiing events have a fantastic vibe.

The prestigious Winter Olympic Games, whilst featuring a number of winter sports, hold five disciplines of skiing, namely Alpine skiing, Ski Jumping, Cross-country skiing, Freestyle and Snowboarding. World-class skiers, both male and female, compete with determination, endurance, agility and speed. Another skiing related event held at the Winter Olympic Games is the Biathlon. This sport is a combination of skiing and marksmanship. Biathlon events consist of: the sprint, pursuit, individual and relay. The excitement of the Winter Olympics culminates in the presentation of gold, silver and bronze medals.

The Jeep, King of the Mountain Series gives skiers and snowboarders a chance to compete for a position at the Professional Skiing and Snowboarding World Championships. Many of those individuals who have successfully competed in this competition have gone on to achieve victory at the World Championship, Winter Olympics as well as the World Cup. The race course at the Series is known as “The Y”. This high-speed course combines the skill of the Parallel Giant Slalom with skier and boarder cross. Skiers begin separately and then meet at the cross section of the Y. The excitement increases as the competitors race beside each other past various obstacles and cross the finish line.

Each discipline of skiing has its own World Championship. The Nordic World Ski Championships events are Cross-country skiing, Ski Jumping and the Nordic Combined. Other championships are the Alpine World Championship and the Freestyle World Championship.

Many people plan their itineraries for holidays with skiing competitions as the primary activity. Competitions will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch the competitors, high-speed maneuvers.

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