Professional Events

Professional skiers compete in numerous competitions from World Cups to the Winter Olympic Games. Skiers may compete in different skiing arenas or categories each of which has its own events. The Winter X Games introduces new professional skiing events and allows skiers to show off their new skills.

At some sporting exhibitions, skiing event demonstrations may be held to entertain the crowds. Professional skiing events are often broadcast on sport channels where you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home. Below is a description of some of the Ski events according to category.


Downhill races: In this event racers reach high speed down long runs. Whoever makes the fastest time is the winner.

Slalom races: This event requires the competitors to make a series of turns through gates placed close together. Those who qualify get a second run on a newly set course and the winner is determined by the fastest combined time.

Giant Slalom: It is similar to the slalom by has fewer gates and racers must make wider turns. Once again the fastest combined total of the two runs wins.

Super-G: The Super Giant Slalom event. Racers only get one run.

Combined events: Combines a downhill followed by two slalom runs. The winner is the individual with the fastest total time.


Mogul: This event has a steep run with many bumps and two jumps. Scoring for this event consists of Turns (50%), Air (25%) and Speed (25%).

Aerial: An event consisting of a two-jump qualifier and a two-jump final. Scoring for this event consists of Air (20%), Form (50%) and Landing (30%).


Individual Gundersen: This event begins with two ski jumps are completed by the contestants and are judged on distance and style. Competitors with the highest scores start the 15 km cross country section first. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner.

Sprint: An event that consists of a large-hill climb and a 7.5 km cross-country run.


Individual Normal and Large Hill: Each event has two rounds. The individual with the highest score is the winner.

Team: This event takes place on the large hill with four members per team. The team that has the highest combined score wins.

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