Trade Shows

Ski trade shows are events at which skiing and snowboarding related goods and services are exhibited as well as demonstrated. A great way to attract buyers, display goods and make new contacts, many companies, large and small, exhibit at these trade shows. Many major retailers will attend these ski trade shows to make their main purchases for the year and thus many exhibitors enjoy great success.

One of the largest ski trade shows is the Ski Industries of America trade show held annually in Las Vegas. This ski trade show is sponsored by the ski manufacturers. Manufacturers benefit from 6 days of exposure to owners and purchasers from large and small ski shops. The purpose of this trade show is that it is the place for large numbers of dealers to come convene at one time and view the gigantic range of ski equipment, accessories and apparel that will be available for the upcoming skiing season.

Trade show displays vary greatly from company to company. Larger, more well-known brands have huge showroom sized areas equipped with private offices for sales. In contrast those with only one product may have a more modest set up. Ski clothing manufacturers organize daily fashion shows to display their products.

Ski trade shows are a fantastic way for ski shops to find out what is new on the market, compare products and organize great deals. Manufacturers benefit from greater brand awareness and increased sales. Members of the public often enjoy a stroll around the ski trade shows to check out the latest gear and gadgets.

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