World Cup

The Ski World Cup began as the Alpine Skiing World Cup. Today the following world cups have been formed: Freestyle World Cup, Snowboard World Cup, Ski Jumping World Cup, Cross Country World Cup and Nordic Combined World Cup.

The Alpine Skiing World Cup is held at ski resorts throughout Europe, the USA and Canada. Competitors in this world cup race in four disciplines; namely, downhill, slalom, giant slalom and super-G. The individual with the most points by the end of the season is the winner of the cup.

In the Cross Country World Cup competitors must complete twelve different events. Women will compete in: the sprint, team sprint, 4 x 5km relay, 10km, 15km pursuit and 30km mass start. Men do the following: sprint, team sprint, 4 x 10km relay, 10km, 15km pursuit and 50km mass start.

For the Nordic Combined World Cup a combination of Ski Jumping and Cross-Country is completed by competitors. The Freestyle World Cup requires competitors to have a wide range of skills for moguls, aerials and acro slopes.

The Ski Jumping World Cup is held on two categories of hills. K90 hills are 90m high and K120 hills are 120m high. Individual and team competitions are held on the K120.

Finally, the Snowboarding World Cup involves the disciplines of halfpipe, snowboard cross, big air, parallel slalom, giant slalom and parallel giant slalom.

The Ski World Cup is an exciting event for spectators and competitors alike. It is a sporting event that has people around the world glued to their televisions. Don’t miss out on this awesome snow sport event!

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