A skiing vacation needs a lot of planning not only about where to go but what you need. First time skiers may be confused with the variety of skis available. It may be a good idea to join a ski club and discover the basics of skiing. You could perhaps hire the equipment you need before buying you own. There are as many types of skis as there are styles of skiing each with its own unique features and applications. It is important to get familiar with the various types of skis and choose the kind which is suitable to where you are planning to ski.

Ask the experts to guide you when you choose as skis are expensive. Kids learn skiing easily and the younger they begin the better skiers they will be. Cross-country skis are very thin and light, and have slightly straight ski edges. They are usually coated with wax in order to decrease friction during a forward motion. Some models have patterns at the bottom to increase friction during a backward motion. They usually have bindings only at the toes of the boots.

Useful in downhill skiing, Alpine Skis are suitable for advanced to race levels. They are precise, fast, and excellent for hard groomed trails. Telemark Skis are useful for downhill skiing and have bindings attached only at the toe. This allows the ski to drop off the boots easily during a fall. Freeride Skis are for experts and are excellent in tough conditions. They float through powder, cut through crud and even slice through slush.

Each discipline of freestyle skiing needs its own special type of freestyle skis. Aerialists use lightweight skis which move out of the way when maneuvering in mid-air. Mogul skiers need quick and responsive skis that can be controlled during many turns. Acro-skiers require the so-called “ballet skis” which work like figure skates.

Powderhound Planks are fat skis designed for deep powder and soft, cut-up snow.
Racing Skis are of different types to meet specific needs of downhill, giant slalom and Slalom racing. Once you become a regular skier you will find it easier to pick you favorite style and skis.