North America

North America offers snow skiing enthusiasts some superb venues to indulge in their favorite winter sport. With its extreme northern location, Canada‘s ski resorts generally boast consistently good snow, with long skiing seasons giving plenty of opportunity to enjoy the rugged beauty of this country where back country skiing is very popular. Canada is generally divided into four primary regions, being Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, each with its own charm and each of them well worth exploring.

The sheer size of the United States of America, with its varied terrain, offers diverse holiday destinations and activities. That snow skiing ranks among the most popular family-oriented holiday activities in the USA should come as no surprise, considering the stunning snow skiing destinations available in a number of states, including California, Colorado, Montana, Vermont, Washington, Utah and Wyoming. If you haven’t yet tried your hand at this exciting winter sport, check out the North American resorts on and make your booking now.

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