Turner Mountain

Montana’s Turner Mountain, near the town of Libby, offers some of the most challenging snow sports in the state. Whilst the terrain is mostly ideal for extreme skiers and snowboarders, Turner Mountain also opens up a winter wonderland to those who are just starting out. For the adventure of a lifetime be sure to visit Turner Mountain this season between December and April.

Turner Mountain features 1,000 acres of ski area with a total vertical of 2,110 feet and a summit elevation of 5,952 feet. The 26 runs are more weighted towards expert skiers and are rated as follows: 10% beginner, 20% intermediate and 70% advanced. Without a doubt, Turner Mountain is an expert skier and rider’s dream. A single ski lift services Turner Mountain’s glistening white slopes which are shrouded by 375 inches of snow every year. Test your skills on the 10,560 feet run of Turner Mountain.

Take a moment to picture yourself looking up expectantly at the grandiose slopes of Turner Mountain. Climbing onto the chairlift, you are quickly transported up into a new world. Staring out you see an exquisite landscape all around you as you breathe in the crisp and pure mountain air. You reach your chosen run and glance down – this is going to be awesome! Pushing yourself down the run, your pulse begins to race. Turner Mountain delivers the rush you’ve been looking for.

Turner Mountain has a lovely lodge with a dining room and food service as well as an equipment rental shop and first aid. Accommodation is available at a number of brilliant establishments nearby such as Caboose Motel, Evergreen Motel, Kootenai Country Bed & Breakfast, Libby Cabins, Moose Ridge Bed & Breakfast, Sandman Motel, Swanson Lodge and Tamarack Lodge, amongst others. So, make a stop at Turner Mountain for a winter adventure you’ll never forget.