Alta Snowbird

A ski vacation in Europe may have introduced you to ski tunnels, but the idea is still unique in North America. In fact people on a skiing vacation to Utah’s Snowbird will see the first one in operation. Snowbird is one of Utah’s most popular vacation resorts and the new tunnel will open up many opportunities for intermediate skiers. The 600-foot tunnel is located at the top of the new Peruvian Express high-speed quad. The 12-foot high, 10-foot wide ski tunnel houses a conveyor lift that will transport skiers and riders from Peruvian Gulch side of the mountain to the Mineral Basin side.

The new tunnel and lift makes the intermediate terrain more accessible to skiers and riders and provides a four-minute ride to intermediate terrain in Mineral Basin. This is much easier as it eliminates many switchbacks and the steepest pitch of Chip’s Run. In addition it provides an efficient way to reach Hidden Peak without the use of the Tram. Now even intermediate skiers will have easy access to amazing scenery and slopes. You will not have to ski down the more challenging side where Snowbird’s Tram drops you off at the top.

Snowbird’s original Peruvian lift has been taken out and replaced with a new high-speed quad. The original location of the base shack is unchanged but the top station is located below the steepest Chip’s Run pitch, an approximately 2,600-vertical-foot rise. The ride will take eight minutes and the 8,000 linear-foot lift can transport 1,800 people per hour. An added advantage is that when wind conditions prevent operation of the Tram, this lift will continue to give skiers access to Peruvian Gulch and Mineral Basin.

Utah’s Snowbird and Alta have been named the No. 1 ski resort in the United States by SKIING Magazine for four years running. Snowbird is only 29 miles from Salt Lake City International Airport, making it the most accessible world-renowned four season mountain resort in North America. The vacation resort offers 882 lodging rooms located on four properties, a luxurious spa, a plethora of dining options, activities through the year and a warm and friendly staff.