Lagunillas in Chile is a popular little ski resort with families because of its friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and also because it is quite an inexpensive ski resort. Located near the picturesque town of San Jose de Maipo in the of the province of Cordillera, Lagunillas lies to the southeast of Santiago. The resort is well known for its range of slopes, great atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. The Lagunillas Ski Resort offers northern hemisphere skiers the opportunity to enjoy a winter sport getaway to break the heat of summer. As it is located in the southern hemisphere, its winter runs from June to September and its south facing slopes ensure good snowfall.

There are thirteen slopes on offer here, with the most popular pistes in Lagunillas known as La Lola, Novicios and Pancho. Lagunillas also allows night skiing on these slopes on the illuminated pistes. The slopes are of differing levels of difficulty, ensuring that no-one, from a novice to an expert, will leave disappointed. There are four draglifts at Lagunillas ski resort that provide access to the various slopes across 500 acres of varying terrain, with the longest run available here being just under a mile.

Most families come here for the relaxing atmosphere and warm hospitality it provides. There are several lodges and hotels at Lagunillas ski resort that offer good value for money, with arguably the most popular being Hosteria Millahue. Situated next to the Lagunillas Ski Resort, the facilities are excellent and include hot and cold swimming pools and a Jacuzzi. There is also a shuttle that will take you to Lagunillas Ski Resort.

The resort also has some good quality cafés and restaurants including the Pub La Francisca, with its excellent beer and laid-back atmosphere. The alternative mountain activities available at the ski resort of Lagunillas including hiking, snowshoeing, ski touring (randonee) and visits to the picturesque towns in El Cajon del Maipo