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  • Avalanche Risk Identification and Safety Tips

    Taking note of snow condition reports and recognizing warning signs can go a long way to avoiding being caught in an avalanche. Significant amounts of rain or snowfall can cause the snowpack to ...

  • European Outdoor Film Tour 2013

    Following its successful debut in Britain last year, the European Outdoor Film Tour (EOFT) presents two hours of the nine most exhilirating adventure films of the past year....

  • Ski Camps

    Looking for a camp for your child this school break? Perhaps you’re interested in doing something new for your vacation. Ski camps have much to offer to both children and adults. These camps are educational and fun. Professional coaches at ski camps will assist you in improving your skiing skills. Ski camps may have set […]

  • Snowboarding

    The increasingly popular sport of snowboarding is enjoyed by young and old alike around the world. Where there is snow, there is usually someone attempting to snowboard. While it may not be as easy to master as skiing is for most amateurs, the maneuverability of the sport and the popular image that surrounds it continues […]

  • Snowshoeing

    Snowshoeing emerged as more of a necessity than a sport, but more modern times has seen it becoming increasingly popular. The invention of the snowshoe is thought to have come about between 4000 to 6000 years ago, and it’s use was widespread from tribe to tribe across the globe in various shapes and forms not […]

  • Trekking

    If you’re the sort of person that enjoys hiking or trekking through the countryside and enjoying the wonders of nature at your leisure, you should definitely give a thought to trying your hand at ski trekking. Ski trekking is also sometimes called ski touring, ski mountaineering and alpine touring and it is basically a form […]

  • Snow Shoes

    Snowshoeing is an inexpensive activity that will give you an opportunity to see beautiful sights as you hike through the snow. Modern snowshoes have been designed according to people’s needs and what type of conditions they are planning to walk in. Before purchasing a pair of snowshoes from your local outdoor store, consider the type […]

  • Kitzbuhel

    Kitzbuhel, in Austria, is a vacation resort famous not only for skiing but for a host of other related activities as well. One of the most popular resorts in the region, just two hours from Munich, Kitzbuhel attracts both the glamorous and the family crowd with equal magnetism. Its vast slopes are served by over […]

  • Les Deux Alps

    Les Deux Alpes means the two Alps and that is exactly where this lovely French ski vacation resort is located – where the Northern and Southern Alps meet. It is the main ski resort in the Dauphine region in the heart of the Oisans massif on the edge of the Ecrins National Park. Les Deux […]

  • Adventure

    So you have an adventurous spirit and need an outlet? Have you considered adventure skiing? Adventure skiing is a broad term referring to skiing that is off the beaten track. Adventure skiing means going where your impulses take you and exploring the unknown. With adventure skiing you carve out your own trail in the beautiful […]