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  • Bon Appetit

    If you have a healthy appetite for skiing, you’ll likely also have a healthy appetite for food. Skiing is a rather physical sport in nature and consumes large amounts of energy that need to be replenished. But skiing is about more than eating good food and sliding down slopes – it’s about making new friends. […]

  • Food and Wine

    If you are one of those fortunate few that get to travel the world and go skiing on some of the most magnificent slopes imaginable, you’ll likely end up a connoisseur of food and wine. Most countries have their own particular style of eating and drinking and deciding to experience these cultures for yourself can […]

  • Culture

    Almost every sport has a sense of style and culture which surrounds it. It comes with a separate language that must be learned in order to participate effectively in the sport and sometimes also a way of speaking to reach a level of acceptance amongst peers. The ski culture is no different. While the more […]

  • Famous Skiers

    There are many famous skiers throughout the world. We will highlight just a few of them. Toni Sailer of Austria, a famous downhill skier, came to be called the “Blitz from Kitz” as he won all three of the Alpine skiing events at the Winter Olympics of 1956. He went on to win 3 gold […]

  • History

    Skiing was not a vacation recreation but a means of transportation in winter in Northern Europe and Asia thousands of years ago. Early skis were made from the bones of large animals strapped to the toe of the boot with leather strips. In Scandinavia wooden skis were believed to be used even five thousand years […]

  • Skiing Museums

    Skiing was not a vacation sport till a hundred years ago. Till the mid nineteenth century it was an age old method of transportation in winter in the snow covered regions of north Europe and Asia. Today many vacation resorts have a museum as a shrine to skiing heritage. Next time you are on skiing […]