Tag: mountaineering

  • Ice Climbing

    Ice climbing is a recreational activity whereby the climber attempts to ascend certain ice formations such as frozen waterfalls. While ice climbing can be considered to be a somewhat broad category, the only true form is vertical ice climbing. A person about to attempt a vertical ice climb usually makes use of specialized ice climbing […]

  • Trekking

    If you’re the sort of person that enjoys hiking or trekking through the countryside and enjoying the wonders of nature at your leisure, you should definitely give a thought to trying your hand at ski trekking. Ski trekking is also sometimes called ski touring, ski mountaineering and alpine touring and it is basically a form […]

  • Macugnaga

    Macugnaga Monte Rosa, situated at the foot of the eastern face of the spectacular Monte Rosa Mountains in Italy, is an ideal family vacation spot. Nestling in a natural snow bowl it is a picturesque ancient town full of charm with well managed ski areas and excellent facilities for beginners. Perhaps not as boisterous as […]

  • Unforgettable Ski Touring on the Haute Route

    Many skiing enthusiasts are always looking for a new challenge and new skiing adventures. One of the most famous skiing tours, which offers skiers beautiful slopes, testing terrain and major ...

  • Equip Yourself with Snowshoes this Vacation

    Your winter vacation may involve snowshoeing or walking and hiking in the snow. The terrain that you will walk on depends on the vacation destination and your desire for adventure. People on ...