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  • Culture

    Almost every sport has a sense of style and culture which surrounds it. It comes with a separate language that must be learned in order to participate effectively in the sport and sometimes also a way of speaking to reach a level of acceptance amongst peers. The ski culture is no different. While the more […]

  • Skiing Museums

    Skiing was not a vacation sport till a hundred years ago. Till the mid nineteenth century it was an age old method of transportation in winter in the snow covered regions of north Europe and Asia. Today many vacation resorts have a museum as a shrine to skiing heritage. Next time you are on skiing […]

  • Ascutney Mountain

    Ascutney Mountain Resort was closed in the Fall of 2010 Ascutney Mountain Resort has a reputation for being one of the most popular family ski destinations in Vermont. It is also a great four-seasons resort offering the best available for both families and adults all year round. A mid-sized ski resort, it is very popular […]