Tag: off-piste skiing

  • Pyha

    The Pyha ski resort in Finland is located right on the slopes, in the thick woodland of the Pyhatunturi National Park. Pyha, pronounced “poo-ha” and meaning ‘Holy Hill’ in Finnish, is located on the edge of the Arctic Circle, a wilderness area of dramatic scenery with frozen lakes, snow covered forests and rolling fells. Visitors […]

  • Bydalen

    Sweden’s Bydalen ski resort is situated in the magnificent Jamtland and is made up of four areas. The natural habitat of the area adds the excitement of spotting wildlife like reindeer and lynx to a superb ski vacation. The stunningly beautiful region is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and holds several large, still lakes in […]

  • Jay Peak

    Jay Peak Ski Resort, situated in Vermont’s Green Mountains beside the quaint town of Jay, is renowned for its philosophy of allowing visitors freedom to explore the amazing natural landscape within its boundaries. Austrian Walter Foeger was the first to create ski trails on the slopes of Jay Peak, back in the 1950s. Since then, […]

  • Mad River Glen

    “Mad River Glen: Ski It If You Can“. This slogan has become known far and wide, even beyond the borders of North America. Vermont’s Mad River Glen takes pride in its challenging slopes. Not much has changed since its establishment by Roland Palmedo in 1947, providing visitors with an authentic snow skiing experience – no […]