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  • Ice-Karting in Finland

    >Outdoor adventurers living in cold countries keep finding novel ways to enjoy the snow and ice, with skijoring, wok-racing and snow-tubing ...

  • Snowshoeing

    Snowshoeing emerged as more of a necessity than a sport, but more modern times has seen it becoming increasingly popular. The invention of the snowshoe is thought to have come about between 4000 to 6000 years ago, and it’s use was widespread from tribe to tribe across the globe in various shapes and forms not […]

  • Bargains

    Summer is the best time to find skiing equipment, clothes and other gear at bargain prices. Most outdoor sports stores have their winter gear on discount soon after the season. It is the best time to shop for your winter vacation as the shops are keen to clear their goods and whatever you need is […]