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  • Canada

    Situated as close to the North Pole as what it is, Canada is virtually a skiers paradise. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, but it enjoys a high average snowfall and a very well structured economy. The people are generally polite and helpful and the facilities are well developed. The country is large and it’s […]

  • Crystal Mountain

    Canada’s Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, located just north of Okanagan’s Westbank in British Columbia, is every skier and snowboarder’s dream. Well-known for its exceptional terrain, great prices and hospitable atmosphere, Crystal Mountain is the ideal vacation destination for the entire family. Crystal Mountain Ski Resort’s carefully cared for slopes provide skiers ...

  • “Ski Patrol” – Reality Television Series

    Millions of snow skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts enjoy the North American slopes each year, and while the majority enjoy an incident-free vacation, there are hundreds who encounter ...

  • Mountain Biking at Ski Resorts – Snow Skiing

    Ski resorts are not just for skiers, anymore. Many now provide bicyclists with great summertime fun.