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Avalanche Risk and Safety Awareness Avalanche Risk and Safety Awareness


(Part One) Located at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) promotes research in the Earth’s cryosphere – the portions of our planet where water exists in solid form. This includes lake ice, river ice, sea ice, ice caps, ice sheets, permafrost, glaciers and snow cover, with the latter being... [Read more]

Avalanche Risk Identification and Safety Tips Avalanche Risk Identification and Safety Tips


(Part Two) Taking note of snow condition reports and recognizing warning signs can go a long way to avoiding being caught in an avalanche. Significant amounts of rain or snowfall can cause the snowpack to become unstable, with avalanches frequently happening on the first sunny day following a storm. Warmer temperatures can result in less stable snowpack... [Read more]

Ski-Biking in North America Ski-Biking in North America


As ski-biking becomes more popular, an increasing number of North American ski resorts and ski areas are opening up trails to this exciting sport. Durango Mountain Resort in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains has been featuring ski-biking as a winter activity for some time now, offering lessons, rentals and spectacular terrain for a whole lot of family... [Read more]

CADS: Keeping Skiers on the Slopes CADS: Keeping Skiers on the Slopes


Many Alpine skiers are faced with the painful reality of knee injuries at one time or another, and some may even find themselves considering giving up the sport they so enjoy. In the United States alone, there are reportedly more than 20,000 knee injuries each year which are attributed to Alpine skiing, sometimes to the point of having to resort to... [Read more]

Skiing at Obertauern Skiing at Obertauern


Located in Radstadt Tauern, a subrange of the Austrian Central Alps, the winter sports resort of Obertauern offers more the 100 kilometers of pistes with the guarantee of snow from mid-November through to early-May each year. State-of-the-art lift facilities ensure skiers are transported safely and swiftly to even the highest peak (2,313m) to enjoy... [Read more]

The Snow Sport Industry and Climate Change The Snow Sport Industry and Climate Change


The snow sport industry has been identified by the United Nations Environment Program as being one of the most vulnerable industries when it comes to being affected by climate change. With average winter temperatures rising, and the first snowfalls happening later and later, it is becoming increasingly difficult for resorts to run for the number of... [Read more]

Snow Sport at Falls Creek in Australia Snow Sport at Falls Creek in Australia


Located in the Alpine National Park in the north-eastern region of Victoria, Australia, Falls Creek offers world-class snow skiing facilities during the country’s winter months. Lying at an altitude of between 1,210 and 1,830 meters the ski-in, ski-out resort has lift facilities to take snow sport enthusiasts to a level of 1,780 meters, with snowcat... [Read more]

Heli-Skiing in New Zealand Heli-Skiing in New Zealand


Heli-skiing is an exciting snow sport adventure that is not only reserved for the ultra-wealthy or super-experienced. With New Zealand in the midst of its snowy winter season there are a number of ski-tour operators offering heli-skiing packages to suit differing levels of expertise, ranging from day-trips through to a full week of gliding down the... [Read more]