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  • Glade Skiing Action

    Snow skiing is a popular winter sport in many parts of the world, and keen skiers often enjoy an off-the-beaten-track challenge – and glade skiing fits the bill. Glade skiing is basically any ...

  • Pennsylvania Ski Resorts Ready for 2011-12 Season

    Winter sport enthusiasts heading for the slopes in Pennsylvania, U.S.A., this season have a number of exciting upgrades and developments to look forward to. From expanded terrain and improved ...

  • Skiing Niseko

    For a skiing experience filled with adrenalin, adventure and enjoyment, it is recommended that skiers try their hand at skiing Niseko. Niseko prides itself at being one of the premier snow ...

  • Ski Club Duel Slalom

    Begun in 2010, the Ski Club Duel Slalom is a fun-filled racing event, with thrilling competition, great fancy dress and a killer after party. The format consists of teams made up of four skiers ...

  • Schladming Chosen for 2013 World Ski Championships

    Schladming is a picturesque town, nestled between four breathtaking mountains and fairytale like landscapes. Its beauty and the lure of the Hochwurzen, Planai, Hauser Kaibling and the Reiteralm, ...

  • A Snowboard Lover’s Dream in Italy

    Sure, you can rent a pair of ski's and hit the bunny slopes, but if you really want to challenge your senses, then head to the Italian ski resort of Livigno - a snowboard lover's dream!

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  • Timeshare

    What is timeshare? Timeshare is a type of joint ownership of a holiday property where several individuals share title and can make use of the property according to a set schedule. You are buying the right to occupy a holiday home for a specific period annually for a set number of years. Before purchasing time share you need to consider if you want to take this holiday annually and if it is ...

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  • Club Directory

    Enjoy many privileges on your skiing vacation by joining a ski club. There are numerous ski clubs all over the world and it is an opportunity to get together with like minded people and even vacation together. Anyone who enjoys skiing and a winter vacation on the slopes will find great advantages by joining ski clubs. There are basically two kinds of clubs and though both are for skiers, ...

  • World Cup

    The Ski World Cup began as the Alpine Skiing World Cup. Today the following world cups have been formed: Freestyle World Cup, Snowboard World Cup, Ski Jumping World Cup, Cross Country World Cup and Nordic Combined World Cup.

  • Exhibitions

    Exhibitions are public displays of products, services and educational presentations. Ski exhibitions allow companies to market goods and services to the public as well as make sales and most importantly create brand awareness. Many well known exhibitions are held annually both nationally and internationally. Ski exhibitions may be part of larger exhibitions such as sport exhibitions, outdoor ...


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