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  • Trent Riverside Railjam

    The Trent Riverside Railjam will attract skiers and snowboarders of all ages from around Ontario to compete for great prizes and cash. The day will include live music, a sponsor village, prizes ...

  • Snow Skiing: Jean-Claude Killy, the Flying Frenchman

    Jean-Claude Killy ranks among the top French skiers of all time. Some say that he is, indeed, the very greatest. Born in 1943 in Saint-Cloud, France, Killy spent his boyhood in the traditional ...

  • Special Events at Copper Mountain

    In the Colorado Rocky Mountains, near Denver, a world of magnificent slopes and ideal skiing conditions await the avid winter sport enthusiast at the Copper Mountain Resort. There are a wide ...

  • Ski for Health

    Snow skiing is not only a sport that the entire family can enjoy while on holiday but it is a sport that promotes health and fitness. While having tons of fun on the white slopes of various ski ...

  • Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam

    The Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam is a fun-filled snowboarding event. Divisions are divided into guys of 15 years and under, guys of 16 and over, girls and open.

  • A Ski Adventure in Alagna Valsesia, Italy

    Alagna Velsesia, in Italy, is located at the foot of the Monte Rosa Mountains. Its existence was documented as far back as the 1500s, although it is believed that small settlements of people ...

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  • Timeshare

    What is timeshare? Timeshare is a type of joint ownership of a holiday property where several individuals share title and can make use of the property according to a set schedule. You are buying the right to occupy a holiday home for a specific period annually for a set number of years. Before purchasing time share you need to consider if you want to take this holiday annually and if it is ...

  • Accommodations

    When most people think of ski accommodation, they think of fancy hotels or rustic but comfortable lodges. But there are many forms of ski Accommodation available besides these two better known forms. Some resorts feature hostels, B&B's and even chalets. You may surprised at what you will find from one resort to the next.

  • Classifieds

  • Where Shop

    You may be interested in purchasing a set of skis or perhaps a book on skiing and ski destinations, but do not know where to look. Where to Shop will provide you with a brief overview of where various ski products and services can be found.

  • Exhibitions

    Exhibitions are public displays of products, services and educational presentations. Ski exhibitions allow companies to market goods and services to the public as well as make sales and most importantly create brand awareness. Many well known exhibitions are held annually both nationally and internationally. Ski exhibitions may be part of larger exhibitions such as sport exhibitions, outdoor ...

  • Professional Events

    Professional skiers compete in numerous competitions from World Cups to the Winter Olympic Games. Skiers may compete in different skiing arenas or categories each of which has its own events. The Winter X Games introduces new professional skiing events and allows skiers to show off their new skills.


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