Alpine skiing is a winter sport activity that basically includes any discipline which involves the speedy descent of a hillside – snow isn’t even required for the sport to be considered an Alpine sport. Most people use it synonymously to refer to downhill skiing, but the term is much broader than that and can also include snowboarding, mountain biking, longboarding, freeboarding and mountain boarding.

Basically, the term ‘Alpine’ refers, not to the location but rather to the degree of slope involved in the sport. All Alpine sports run high risks – more so than most other sports – because of the incredible speeds which can be reached while progressing down the slope. International racers can exceed speeds of some 130 kilometers per hour! The famous Hahnenkamm course in Austria allows downhill skiers to reach speeds of roughly 150 kilometers per hour! Clearly Alpine sports are not for the fainthearted!

Choosing to get involved in Alpine skiing is not a spur of the moment decision. It takes strength, fitness, stamina, technical expertise and, of course, courage in order to compete in this type of sport. You would already have to be exhibiting a high level of skill before even attempting your first alpine run and even then, you would have to train for it. You also need to have a sharp mind that can react quickly to any obstacles or difficulties that you might face during your run. If this sounds like sometime you would like to do, we suggest that you find a capable trainer to help you before you attempt your first slope.