South America

The South American continent is readily associated with steamy jungles, fertile rainforests and diverse wildlife, and rightly so. But South America also offers some exciting snow skiing opportunities which are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Argentina’s winter sport season generally lasts from June through to September, with its world-class resorts located in the Andes Mountains being easily accessible via the country’s vibrant capital city, Buenos Aires. In addition to superb skiing conditions, the scenery is unforgettable, making a winter sport vacation in Argentina a worthwhile experience.

Hugging the west coast of South America, and with the majestic Andes Mountains as a dominant feature, Chile is a snow skier’s dream destination. The winter sport season in Chile starts in June and generally continues into October each year. Skiers and snowboarders will find the facilities offers by the ski resorts in Chile to be world-class, the hospitality warm and friendly, and the scenery simply breath-taking.

Resorts by Location: