Using the right gear is vital for a successful skiing vacation. Comfort and protection are key factors when you are out in the snow for seven or eight hours. People on their first Ski vacation would be wise to invest in proper clothes, equipment and shoes. It is possible to hire these at many ski vacation resorts, but make sure that the ski boots fit well and are comfortable. Regular skiers would be better off buying their own.

It may be possible to try out boots before buying them but even then please remember that buying correct shoes can take almost two hours. It may be better to make an appointment with a recommended boot fitter so that you can enjoy the rest of your skiing vacation in comfort. Your bare foot size is measured and a shell check is done. The volume of your feet is taken into consideration along with the level of skiing you are doing. The selection depends on the shape of your feet. Take the boot fitter’s suggestions and give him as much feedback as possible.

Ski boots are hard outside and have soft liners inside and should not be worn too tight. Nowadays they are usually front-entry which provides optimum precision and control. Shapes are more like the foot to provide increased comfort. The liners give a more precise hold. The boot is designed for comfort and performance. New designs include the Nordica Speedmachine, Salomon Performa and Tecnica Vento.

The boot connects you to the snow and must be sufficiently rigid laterally to transmit movements of your legs into ski movements. The boots however, but must allow some forward flex at the ankle. It must hold your foot, particularly the heel firmly in place. You must invest in a pair of good technical socks as they make a big difference to the comfort and fit of your boot.

There are several suggestions to make your vacation comfortable and enjoyable.
Make sure your boots feel snug, not loose. The socks should not ruck when worn.
Do not over-tighten your boots and remove your inners at night if they seem wet.