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  • Snowy Mountains Classic

    Taking place in terrain around Perisher and towards Charlottes Pass, the Snowy Mountains Classic continues the fine tradition establish by the Paddy Pallin Classic in 1965...

  • Africa

    It may not be the first continent to spring to mind when considering a ski vacation, but Africa does have its fair share of top-class ski resorts. Where there are mountains and snow, there you will find the opportunity to go skiing in Africa. One of the continent’s favorite destinations is South Africa, where you […]

  • Hotels

    By world standards, the hotels and resorts for snow skiing are as beautiful as they are plentiful. From the decadently luxurious to the well priced and comfortable, Snow skiing Hotels cater for all tastes and preferences. Choose from a hotel for ski holidays that overlooks fields of snow or if you prefer, a hotel that […]

  • California

    When most people think about California, they think of warm weather, sunshine and long stretches of sandy beachfront. Being a coastal state, it’s quite understandable that snow may be the last thing you think of. But while California may have some of the most stunning beaches in the country, it also has some amazing snow-covered […]

  • Nagano

    Snow-covered mountains surround the city of Nagano, where the 1,400 year old Zenkoji Temple is the biggest tourist attraction in this small industrial city. The open-air temple provides a peaceful and gentle backdrop to the ski resorts in the mountains. The 1998 Winter Olympics were held in Nagano, Japan in the heart of the majestic […]

  • Obergurgl – The Perfect Family Vacation Destination

    The picturesque town of Obergurgl is, at a height of 1930 meters, the highest resort town in Austria. It was put into the spotlight in the year 1931, during the balloon flight of Auguste ...