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  • Skiing in the Dolomites of Italy

    Located in north-eastern Italy, the Dolomites are a mountain range forming part of the spectacular Southern Limestone Alps, stretching from the Piave Valley in the east to the River Adige in the ...

  • Avalanche Awareness Lectures

    The Ski Club of Great Britain is collaborating with The North Face and Snow+Rock to present informative session essential...

  • Serre Chevalier

    Serre Chevalier, located near the Italian border of France, is a ski vacation resort with a traditional, almost ‘Provencal’ charm. This excelent value ski resort has a distinctly unpretentious French ambiance, and the thirteen authentic villages that make up this ski resort, range from ultra-modern hamlets to old-style villages. Located in a big south-facing Guisane […]

  • Happo One

    Happo One ski resort is known as a place for serious skiers. Located in the northwest Nagano prefecture in the beautiful Hakuba Valley, it is not far northwest of Tokyo. This lovely ski resort in Japan was host to the 1988 Winter Olympics. Mostly suitable for skiers, there is not much here for snowboarders, and […]

  • Sierra Nevada

    Spain attracts visitors with its sunshine and beaches, but it also has some great skiing at Sierra Nevada in Europe’s southernmost mountain range. The ski resort is small in comparison to other European resorts, but has hosted the 1996 world ski championships. Sierra Nevada is the most southerly ski resort in Europe and has numerous […]

  • Davos

    Davos is a large town in the southeastern corner of Switzerland, two hours away from Zurich. It was one of the first skiing venues and health spas in the Alps, and even today it offers slopes on a scale that few resorts can better. This original mega resort comprises of two parts, Dorf and Platz […]

  • Extreme

    If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for a new rush, extreme skiing might be just up your ally. The amazing speed combined with the rush of adrenaline keeps many great skiers coming back for more each winter. And of course there is the prestige that goes with being an extremist – not many people are […]

  • Argentina

    Argentina offers world-class skiing vacation destinations from June to September. The resorts are located in the Andes in Western Argentina and are easily accessible by a flight from Buenos Aires and then ground transportation to the slopes. The two major downhill skiing resorts are Cerro Catedral near Bariloche and Las Lenas near Mendoza. Cerro Chapelco which is few hours by road from ...

  • Cerro Bayo

    A more scenic ski resort would be hard to find. Cerro Bayo in Argentina’s Lakes District is surrounded by forests and has a wonderful view of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Just five miles from the lovely town of Villa de Angostura in the Province of Neuquen, Cerro Bayo Ski Resort is a small ski resort that […]

  • Cerro Catedral

    The oldest ski resort in Argentina is most aptly named. The Cerro Catedral ski resort is also known as Catedral Alta Patagonia and its two mountain peaks bear a striking resemblance to the towers of a medieval cathedral. Located in the Rio Negro province of the Patagonia region, Cerro Catedral is one of the largest […]

  • Thredbo

    Thredbo in Australia’s Snowy Mountains is one of Australia’s most popular ski resorts. It is located just a few miles away from Mount Kosciusko, Australia’s highest mountain and offers skiing for all levels. Extensive snow-making guarantees snow cover, so be prepared to ski on exhilarating trails, from the top all the way to the bottom […]

  • Arlberg

    The Arlberg is perhaps the most outstanding skiing region of Austria. Unlike the United States, where a ski resort is a single base for a skiing area near it, Europe terms large areas with many towns and villages that offer skiing as a ski resort. The Arlberg is the name given to a group of […]