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  • Snowsports Sale & Expo 2014

    The SnowSports ACT Ski and Snowboard Sale & Expo is an annual event that supports the ACT snowsport athletes. At the event visitors can buy or sell preowned ...

  • Snowboarding

    The increasingly popular sport of snowboarding is enjoyed by young and old alike around the world. Where there is snow, there is usually someone attempting to snowboard. While it may not be as easy to master as skiing is for most amateurs, the maneuverability of the sport and the popular image that surrounds it continues […]

  • Snowshoeing

    Snowshoeing emerged as more of a necessity than a sport, but more modern times has seen it becoming increasingly popular. The invention of the snowshoe is thought to have come about between 4000 to 6000 years ago, and it’s use was widespread from tribe to tribe across the globe in various shapes and forms not […]

  • Bargains

    Summer is the best time to find skiing equipment, clothes and other gear at bargain prices. Most outdoor sports stores have their winter gear on discount soon after the season. It is the best time to shop for your winter vacation as the shops are keen to clear their goods and whatever you need is […]

  • Boards

    Snowboarding during the winter vacation is popular with youngsters all over the skiing world. Choosing the right board from the range of freeride, freestyle, backcountry and Park/Pipe boards can be daunting for the first timer. Many factors have to be considered such as the user’s weight, height, foot size experience and riding style and these […]

  • Reviews

    Discover the latest, greatest and most popular ski and snowboarding gear available. Snowskiing.com’s top gear review will assist you in making wise purchases as well as inform you of the latest equipment developments on the market. Our skiing gear reviews will provide you with details on the equipment (figures and stats) as well as comments […]