A winter vacation in Norway is perfect for skiers who enjoy cross country or Nordic skiing. Plenty of snow, English speaking attendants and a warm welcome await you when you go on a ski vacation to any of Norway’s resorts. Wide slopes and excellent lift capacity means there is no time lost waiting in queues. This gives you extra skiing time on the slopes and excellent ski instructors assure you of a stress-free learning experience.

A vacation in Norway is not complete without a visit to any of the fjords that encompass the coast. The ski resorts are usually within easy reach of the coast and large cities like Oslo for a bit of shopping and culture. One can easily take day trips and make the most of the vacation to Norway. It is one of the most scenic countries in the world and the forests, mountains and waters form an unforgettable landscape. Majestic fjords, frozen lakes and gently rounded mountains are components of a fairy tale scene.

Children are most welcome at all the vacation resorts in Norway as skiing is truly a family sport for all ages and all levels of skill. In fact, many resorts provide accompanying children with free lift passes, and often free helmets too. Children have their own areas for frolic and skiing on slopes as well as designated English speaking ski instructors. Most ski resorts provide day care centers for very small children.

Ardent cross country skiers can avail themselves of packages which are designed to take the group from one resort to another, sometimes passing through other resorts on the way. The trip is designed to take several days. Night halts are organized at hotels and resorts en route, and you can go skiing for one day or more depending on your skill and interest. What a wonderful way to see this magical country in the snow!

In addition to superb skiing there is plenty of time for other fun activities like dog sledding, tobogganing and ice fishing. Facilities at Norwegian resorts are excellent and you can hire any equipment that you may need in order to make the vacation to Norway a memorable one.

Norway Resorts: