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  • Africa

    It may not be the first continent to spring to mind when considering a ski vacation, but Africa does have its fair share of top-class ski resorts. Where there are mountains and snow, there you will find the opportunity to go skiing in Africa. One of the continent’s favorite destinations is South Africa, where you […]

  • South Africa

    Most people think of wildlife, large open grasslands and beautiful beaches when South Africa is mentioned. But South Africa has another side to its multi-faceted beauty – snow skiing. Although skiing opportunities in South Africa are limited, they are certainly not to be missed when holidaying in this magnificent country. Between July and September ski […]

  • Tiffindell

    South Africa conjures up images of wildlife safaris and sandy beaches, majestic mountains and wide open spaces. These may be the most popular tourist attractions of the country but it also has a couple of ski resorts with great snow from July to September. Tiffindell is the main ski resort in South Africa, located on […]

  • Breathtaking Skiing in Lesotho

    Many skiing enthusiasts are always looking for a new skiing and holiday destination, wanting to try their skills all over the world. And for an adventure that is unique and exciting, Lesotho is ...