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  • Asia

    Enjoy a snow skiing adventure at top ski resorts in Asia. Whether you’re an avid snowboarder, a keen skier or enjoy a variety of snow sporting excursions, Asian destinations such as Japan and South Korea offer fantastic ski resort options. Amongst the world-class ski resorts in Japan are Appi Kogen, Happo One, Nozawa Onsen and […]

  • Bon Appetit

    If you have a healthy appetite for skiing, you’ll likely also have a healthy appetite for food. Skiing is a rather physical sport in nature and consumes large amounts of energy that need to be replenished. But skiing is about more than eating good food and sliding down slopes – it’s about making new friends. […]

  • Food and Wine

    If you are one of those fortunate few that get to travel the world and go skiing on some of the most magnificent slopes imaginable, you’ll likely end up a connoisseur of food and wine. Most countries have their own particular style of eating and drinking and deciding to experience these cultures for yourself can […]

  • History

    Skiing was not a vacation recreation but a means of transportation in winter in Northern Europe and Asia thousands of years ago. Early skis were made from the bones of large animals strapped to the toe of the boot with leather strips. In Scandinavia wooden skis were believed to be used even five thousand years […]

  • Skiing Museums

    Skiing was not a vacation sport till a hundred years ago. Till the mid nineteenth century it was an age old method of transportation in winter in the snow covered regions of north Europe and Asia. Today many vacation resorts have a museum as a shrine to skiing heritage. Next time you are on skiing […]

  • Himalayas

    You could be a pioneer when you take a skiing vacation in the Himalayas! Although skiing has been around for a while in the Himalayas, there are new discoveries being made here all the time. The charm of the beautiful countries of India and Nepal, combines with the thrill of the pristine slopes of the […]

  • Appi Kogen

    Located to the north of Tokyo in the Tohoku region, Appi Kogen ski resort is not only one of the best ski areas in Japan, it is also really well priced. Located right next to Towada-Hachimantai National Park in northeast Honshu, Appi Kogen provides long, well-groomed pistes and excellent powder snow from peak to base […]

  • Happo One

    Happo One ski resort is known as a place for serious skiers. Located in the northwest Nagano prefecture in the beautiful Hakuba Valley, it is not far northwest of Tokyo. This lovely ski resort in Japan was host to the 1988 Winter Olympics. Mostly suitable for skiers, there is not much here for snowboarders, and […]

  • Nagano

    Snow-covered mountains surround the city of Nagano, where the 1,400 year old Zenkoji Temple is the biggest tourist attraction in this small industrial city. The open-air temple provides a peaceful and gentle backdrop to the ski resorts in the mountains. The 1998 Winter Olympics were held in Nagano, Japan in the heart of the majestic […]

  • Nozawa Onsen

    Nozawa Onsen is located at the foot of Kenashi-yama (literally Mt No-hair) in the scenic northern part of Nagano Prefecture. It has the most snowfall in the region and is famous as a hot springs and ski resort. Even though it is a Mecca for keen skiers, it has retained its traditional Japanese charm. Onsen […]

  • Shiga Kogen

    Shiga Kogen ranks among the top ski resorts of the world – for very good reasons. The largest skiing area in Japan, Shiga is a combination of twenty-one ski resorts accessing a common mountain and which share a common ski lift pass. Known for its abundant snow fall, fine powder snow, the latest speedy lift […]