A winter vacation in Korea can be a lot of fun, as skiing and snowboarding continue to gain popularity all over the country. There are thirteen ski resorts in Korea which constantly upgrade their services and facilities to make it a memorable experience for skiers. Many of the resorts are located just an hour or two outside of Seoul in Gyeonggi-do Province. The best slopes in the country however are in the mountainous region of Gangwon-do Province. The resorts are conveniently accessed by shuttle bus from Seoul and are popular with both local and international skiers.

Yong Pyong Ski Resort is a popular resort in the Gangwon-do region with some of the best conditions for a skiing vacation. Located at a modest elevation ranging from 700-1,500m above sea level, Yong Pyong is located in the midst of pristine surroundings. Various styles of skiing are popular here including Alpine, Nordic and new-school skiing. Snowboarding is extremely popular with the younger set and there is a dedicated terrain park, the Dragon Park for this purpose. This modern theme park is equipped with half-pipe, quarter-pipe, ramp, table top, spine, wash board, rail slider, mogul, and wave.

Another popular vacation resort in Korea is the Alps Resort, which is the northernmost ski resort in South Korea. It is much cooler here than it is in the other ski resorts as the region gets the greatest amount of snowfall for the longest season in Korea. There is not much variation in the day and night temperatures here making it ideal for night skiing. Phoenix Park is a complete leisure town with a hotel, condominiums, ski resort, and golf course. It offers advanced slopes for snowboarders and has a snowboard park with half-pipes, table tops, round quarters and rails.

Many of the resorts in Korea hold Fun Ski & Snow Festivals during winter months which are a popular tourist attraction. In addition to competitions, demonstrations and instructions in skiing for all levels, this is an occasion for fun, music and dance as well as exhibition of the traditional arts of the country. Many resorts offer vacation packages during this time.