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  • Bindings

    You skiing vacation success depends on the bindings you select! Bindings and boots are the link between your body and the skis and snow. Good bindings are well-designed, complex pieces of machinery that make a firm connection between the skis and boots and release when the pressure exceeds the setting. They need to be set […]

  • Snow Shoes

    Snowshoeing is an inexpensive activity that will give you an opportunity to see beautiful sights as you hike through the snow. Modern snowshoes have been designed according to people’s needs and what type of conditions they are planning to walk in. Before purchasing a pair of snowshoes from your local outdoor store, consider the type […]

  • Advances in Snow Sport and Ski Apparel

    Since the start of snow skiing and other activities began on the powdery white slopes, the equipment, safety measures and apparel has improvement dramatically. The skis that you purchased five ...

  • Snow Skiing: Jean-Claude Killy, the Flying Frenchman

    Jean-Claude Killy ranks among the top French skiers of all time. Some say that he is, indeed, the very greatest. Born in 1943 in Saint-Cloud, France, Killy spent his boyhood in the traditional ...