Snow Shoes

Snowshoeing is an inexpensive activity that will give you an opportunity to see beautiful sights as you hike through the snow. Modern snowshoes have been designed according to people’s needs and what type of conditions they are planning to walk in.

Before purchasing a pair of snowshoes from your local outdoor store, consider the type of activities you will be engaging in. There are specific snowshoe designs for activities such as mountaineering, running and general recreation. The material used in the manufacture of snowshoes varies. Wooden snowshoes are less expensive; aluminum is durable whilst plastic snowshoes are light. The size of the snowshoe will depend on your mass and the snow conditions you will encounter. If you will be hiking on firm snow or your weight plus the weight you are carrying is light, you will find smaller snowshoes to be better. Larger snowshoes are used on dry, powdery snow or if your weight plus the weight of your backpack is heavy. The bindings on the snowshoes should be easy to uses when you have gloves on. Try on several models before deciding on a pair of snowshoes.

If you have the money, try snowshoes with the following features:
Molded plastic or anodized aluminum frame. Binding that can be adjusted. Limited rotation binding will minimize drag. Free rotation binding will provide good traction and control. An upturned toe which will make maneuvering easier. Ratcheting buckle on binding for no hassles. Crampons for improved traction.

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